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Free Network Assessments

Anyone who is thinking about using HJB IT for either regular IT Support or any IT Upgrade Services is encouraged to book their Free No Obligation On-Site Visit.

I will visit you at your place of work to take a look first hand at what your business does and how it currently works. This allows me to fully understand where IT fits into your company and what you want to achieve with it. With that knowledge I can then explain to you exactly how I can help you maintain or improve your IT systems to allow them to further assist your business.

My advice will always be Jargon-Free and, above all, Honest.... even if that means saying I'm not right man for the job.

Make the Perfect Support Package

You might be perfectly happy with how your IT System is currently set up and you simply want someone to call when something goes wrong.

Your Free On-Site visit can be used to tailor make the perfect IT support package for you. We can take a look at what IT Support, if any, you currently receive, what you like about it, what you don't. We will discuss the amount of contact you need from me; whether you want me to proactively monitor your network, or you just want me to assist when you contact me; whether you want me to be the first point of contact for your all your IT problems, or whether you have an in-house 'self taught' IT person who can look after the smaller day to day problems.

Tailor made support packages



For when things go wrong

Upgrade Recommendations

You might now be going through a period of expansion and are now moving beyond relying on 'do-it-yourself IT', or you may be starting to find that your current system just isn't keeping up with you and the workload you are putting through it.

My free on-site assessment allows me to really get an idea of how you are using your network, how it is currently set up, and what you are wanting to get from it. This first hand experience allows me to suggest and discuss improvements with you face to face to suit both your business plan and budget.



On-site personal upgrade plans

HJB stands for friendly jargon-free IT consultancy in Leicester.

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