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Here you can find a range of IT Services that I offer in both the form of Upgrade Work or Support. Any upgrade work can be quoted for in advance subject to a Free On-Site Assessment.

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Backup Systems & Business Continuity

Backup Systems & Business Continuity

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For many organisations, IT systems and what is stored on them has become a critical part of how they operate, and without them they would struggle continuing to function. This therefore makes Backup and Business Continuity Planning two of the most important tasks for any IT department. HJB can assess your system to both mitigate the risk of any problems occuring, but to also ensure the process is as quick as possible to get you back online should the worse happen.

Business Continuity Planning
Creating Business Continuity plans is very much like taking out insurance, you are spending money on something that you hope you never have to use, but on that rare occasion where you do use it you are thankful you spent the time and money to get a good policy in place. Having a good plan is the difference between getting your business functioning again in a couple of hours, and getting it back running in a couple of weeks when something goes wrong. HJB’s Business Continuity Planning covers all aspects of your network; after performing analysis of your IT systems, I will work with you to ensure that each area has a backup plan in place should the worse happen.

Backup Systems
Backing up data is one of the most important parts of continuity planning; ensuring that you have a copy of everything to enable you to continue to function once the wider issue has been rectified. Do you know how your backup works? Do you know what is backed up? Do you even know whether you have a backup? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘No’, HJB can help you create a backup strategy that will work for you. I have knowledge and experience in a range of solutions ranging from cloud systems to local ones so I can match you and get you set up with the best backup solution for your business and it's data.

Keeping the Plans from Needing Action
HJB are also able to perform system wide audits, highlighting and resolving any possible short comings with any part of your network or system helping to ensure that your business continuity plans stay as just that; a plan.

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