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IT Services

Here you can find a range of IT Services that I offer in both the form of Upgrade Work or Support. Any upgrade work can be quoted for in advance subject to a Free On-Site Assessment.

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Email Systems

Email Systems

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Email has become a critical tool for any business, enabling quick and easy communication between your business, your suppliers, and your customers. Whether you already have your own email system that needs maintaining or replacing, or you don't yet have personalised email addresses for your business, HJB can help. With my personal tailored approach to IT I will get to know how your business operates so I can recommend and install the best email system for your needs.

Getting a Proffesional Email Address
All too often I see companies using ‘free’ email addresses (such as Hotmail, Gmail or BT Internet) as the company’s primary email address. Whether you already have your own unique domain name for a website (e.g. or not, I can help. Using a domain name as the root of your email addresses not only gives a much more proffesional image but it promotes both your companies name and website (if you have one) with every email you send. Each team member can then also have their own personalised address in whatever format you would like, this could just include their first and last name, or just their first name. Whatever you choose there is now no need for random numbers following your name because someone else has already claimed your preferred email address on gmail.

Moving to a Reliable Service
Some businesses I meet already have a professional looking email address using their own domain name but behind the scenes it is a bit unreliable. Emails are now such a critical service to a business and to many has become just as important as keeping the phones working. Many webhosting packages come with free email addresses and free basic personalised emails are available, but the saying 'You get what you pay for' very much applies here. These services are very often basic add on features that provide no support and no guarantees, and with such a critical service they need to be used with caution. If you are starting to have problems I can advice you on the best business grade email system for you whether it be a cloud based service or a local one....

Cloud Email Services
Professional cloud based email is now for many businesses simply the way to go, however the choice of services is enough to make you dizzy and the process of initially setting up and migrating to them can be daunting. I have a wide knowledge and experience in all of the top providers meaning I can match you with a secure reliable service that best meets your needs. I can handle the entire migration for you from initially setting up the service to making the final swap over at a time to suit you. Once the change is made I can visit you onsite to make any necessary changes and provide any training to staff.

Local Email Servers
The use of local Exchange servers is now in the decline amongst small businesses as cloud services can take much of the initial outlay and maintenance costs away, however there are still many situations where a local server may be preferred. Should keeping your emails away from the cloud be the way for your business then I can still help. I have much experience in Exchange Server and I can handle the whole installation and migration process for you, from supplying, installing and configuring the server to moving your entire email database over at a time to suit you.

Supporting What You Have
No matter whether I have just upgraded your entire email system or you have had the same email system for years, if you have an email problem, I can help. With my knowledge in a wide range of email services and my experience in troubleshooting the problems they can raise I can help you quickly solve any issues you may have and get you back online quickly.

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