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Here you can find a range of IT Services that I offer in both the form of Upgrade Work or Support. Any upgrade work can be quoted for in advance subject to a Free On-Site Assessment.

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Windows Computers & Microsoft Servers

Windows Computers & Microsoft Servers

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Microsoft Windows computers are an intergral part of many businesses nowadays, and Microsoft Server has become just as engrained to many slightly larger businesses. Microsoft Windows can be an extremely powerful tool if used correctly and when coupled with a Microsoft Server its abilities are enhanced even further. However with great power comes great... complication.

Windows can now be used to do many amazing things quickly and efficiently but this has inevitably brought added complication, and an added number of things to go wrong. Whether you have one or two standalone Windows computers or a network of them connected to a Windows Server HJB can help. With my personalised approach I can both improve your current equipment, by unlocking features and performance I feel will help the way you work, or suggest areas to make upgrades that will really benefit your business.

Utilising More Features
Maybe you have heard of features in Windows that you feel could really help you or are keen to find out if there are easier ways of doing something. I will take time to find out what you are trying to do, or the ideas you have, to help you quickly improve the way you use Windows and make use of many more of the features it has to offer.

What About a Server?
Microsoft Server opens up a whole new world of features to Microsoft Windows computers. As a company begins to grow Microsoft Server can allow many computers to colloborate together, be configured and be protected all from a single location. That is not to say that Microsoft Server is ideal for everyone, and that is definitely not to say that one server fits all. As with all my services I will makesure I get a real understanding of how you work, and possible future plans, to get you set up with the best server (or none server) network possible that will work for your business long into the future.

General Windows Support
I have many years of experience with all versions of Windows and the problems that they sometimes throw up. I can use the knowledge I have gained to quickly and thoroughly investigate problems you may have by either using remote support tools or my face to face 'charm' at a place convenient to you.

Computer Slowing Down
Do you feel your Windows computer just isn't running as quickly as it used to. If your computer is getting a little slow then I can delve into the background of your computer and find out what processes may be taking up valuable computing power without your knowledge. Stopping these hidden programs can make a real difference to a computers performance.

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