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Here you can find a range of IT Services that I offer in both the form of Upgrade Work or Support. Any upgrade work can be quoted for in advance subject to a Free On-Site Assessment.

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File Sharing & Collaboration

File Sharing & Collaboration

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As businesses grow it becomes ever more difficult, yet ever so much more important, to keep your whole team collobarating and working together effectively. There are now many ways that computer networks and systems can assist you in doing this and I have experience in a wide range of different methods and services. I bring this knowledge together with my personalised tailored approach that I use with all my services to get you set up with the perfect collaboration tools for your business.

Sharing Files Through the Cloud
Cloud sharing services can offer some great fatures and allow team members to share files between each other even when they are sat on opposite sides of the world. Features and security can differ widely between providers so it essential to get the right service for your business. I will ensure that you are provided with the best service for your needs and that it is setup securely and efficiently to allow you to collaborate with your team from anywher with an Internet connection.

Sharing Files Locally
Cloud services are not ideal for every business. Companies with very slow Internet connections can have performance problems with them or businesses with very large amounts or sizes of files can also see issues. If after talking with you about your business and your situation we find a local option to be best suited to your needs then I have a wide range of experience in options like NAS boxes (Network Attached Storage) and of course Windows File Sharing or Windows Server.

Online Meetings and Screen Sharing
Collaboration isn't just about file sharing. I know in my own business that sometimes you need to discuss and meet with remote suppliers and clients. The best way to do this is normally to go and meet them face to face, but that isn't always possible or practical. I have knowledge in a wide range of collaboration tools that allow you to host things like meetings and screen sharing sessions to allow you to meet with anyone anywhere in the world without leaving your office.

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