The amount of options available when purchasing IT equipment can be frightening. Knowing what features you need and don't need along with which manufacturers to trust or not can be an expensive lesson. Even once you have got over that hurdle and bought your new device there is the problem of setting it up with all its new features that it has... HJB can help. Whether you be looking at new laptops for your staff, or a new network printer for your office to allow everyone to print to one central place. With Harry's personalised look on IT he will listen to what you want to get from your new equipment to supply, install and setup the perfect device for your needs and budget.

New laptops, desktops and printers intalled

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Correct Equipment for You

Why is this one twice as expensive as this one? Is this computer going to handle my workload or am I wasting money on features I will never need? Or simply, I have no idea what I need to buy?.... Have you ever looked through an IT suppliers catalogue and asked yourself these questions? Harry will take the time to get to know what you are looking to use your equipment for and what you are expecting from it. With this information and his extensive knowledge of the current market, the best manufacturers, and the best technologies, he can recommend you the best options for your needs and budget.

IT Hardware Procurement

Competitive Prices

Computer Pricing

HJB has large accounts with well trusted suppliers that offer largely discounted prices in all types of IT equipment. This allows Harry to pass on these discounts to customers meaning that you will get the best equipment to suit your needs at a very competitive price.

Just Delivery or Complete Installation

Once Harry has found you the perfect equipment you then have two options: simple delivery or a complete delivery, configuration and installation service. Harry can deliver the equipment to your place of work in person at a time to suit you and then just leave you to play with your new purchase yourself. Alternatively Harry can carry out the complete installation for you doing any pre-configuration in the HJB office, before delivering and installing new items at your place of work.

Complete IT Hardware Setup

Just want installation?

IT Hardware Configuration

Maybe you have found and purchased your own equipment and you just want someone to set it up for you. That is not a problem, Harry will come to your place of work, take a look at what you have bought, and get it all installed and configured for you so it is quickly up and running.