Thankfully fire or floods are rare and catastrophic IT failures are becoming less common. However IT systems and what is stored on them has become a critical part of how most businesses operate, and without them they would struggle continuing to function. This is a recipe that means Backup and Business Continuity Planning are two things commonly overlooked, and yet they can be worth their weight in gold should the worst happen. Harry takes planning for these situations extremely seriously and can guide you through the best options for your business and budget.

Backup system installed

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Backup Systems

Backing up data is one of the most basic and most important parts of continuity planning. Making sure you have a copy of all your important data that you can recover from should you suffer from failure or natural disaster is crucial to allowing a business to bounce back. This has caused the market to be flooded with different options that vary massively in price and functionality, and getting the correct one is crucial. Harry has experience with a wide variety of systems and, after getting to know your systems and the way you work, will professionally install the best backup service for you.

Business IT Backup System

Business Continuity Planning

IT Continuity Plan

Having some kind of Backup System is essential and within that system their will be a small amount of continuity planning, however if you want your business to be able to recover quickly from any event then proper continuity planning is a great idea. A good continuity plan can have two purposes... it will give you a pre-planned process to follow in the event of certain scenarios so your business can quickly get back online, but it will also highlight any weaknesses in your backup systems that you may find cause unacceptable time delays and highlight them for improvement. Harry can thoroughly assess your system and your backup plans and together you can refine the process of recovery to suit your business and budget.