BT have announced they will stop installing the old fashioned PSTN and ISDN phone systems in 2020 and stop the service of them altogether in 2025. This means that soon businesses will have no choice but to change to VOIP, however there are many reasons why you should upgrade much sooner than that. The right VOIP system will be equipped with all kinds of extra features to benefit your business from seamlessly linking multiple sites to call monitoring. HJB can talk you through the potential of VOIP for you.

Hosted VOIP system installed

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Hosted VOIP

Hosted VOIP like many other cloud services is a great option for small businesses, taking away many of the upfront costs and maintenance worries of local servers. The amount of providers and features on the market however is mind boggling and there are many cheap unreliable or indeed overpriced services to avoid. HJB has a well established partnership with one of the best providers in the market to supply customers with a well priced, highly featured, reliable tested service. Harry can deal with the whole process for you, from initially taking you through all the service options to installing any new hardware, configuring the service and transferring your numbers.

Cloud VOIP Service

Local VOIP Servers

VOIP Server

Like other areas in small business IT the use of local VOIP servers is now in the decline. With the improvements in Internet and quality of service available through hosted VOIP as well as the cost advantages local setups are becoming less attractive. However should you be looking for a very custom setup or have very large amounts of handsets local VOIP systems may still be the choice for your business. Harry has years of experience with local VOIP servers and will work out with you whether this is the best direction for you.