Internet Lines

There are hundreds of Internet providers with competitive deals that will install a standard internet line and basic router into your office. However with businesses relying more and more on their Internet connections just getting the cheapest deal from any old provider is not always the best plan. HJB has strong partnerships with the best suppliers in the industry for reliability and support offering a range of products to suit your business.

Fibre Internet and leased line

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Business Standard Fibre Internet

There are countless cheap deals out there that will, at least on paper, provide you with a fast standard fibre internet line. In reality these connections are never as good as they seem and can suffer heavily from throttling at busy times as poor support when things go wrong. HJB has partnerships with some of the most respected names in the industry to provide you with quality Internet lines backed up award winning UK based support. Harry can handle the complete upgrade for you arranging everything on your behalf with the provider as well as re-configuring your office network to ensure everything moves seamlessly.

Business Internet Service

Business Leased Lines

Business Leased Line

If the Internet is absolutely fundamental to your business and you create big amounts of traffic, or you have a secluded rural location, then a leased line maybe for you. Leased lines offer large amounts of guaranteed bandwidth alongside guaranteed levels of reliability. Harry can get to know your requirements and talk you through the implications of a leased line. Using close partnerships with the biggest providers he can plan, quote, install and configure everything for you to give you a single point of contact.