File Sharing

As businesses grow it becomes ever more difficult, yet ever so much more important, to keep your whole team collaborating and working together effectively. In recent times there is also greater need from both staff and a business as whole to be sharing files on any device from any location. Finding the right system that is professionally securely configured to make the most of modern features is essential to any growing business. Harry will not only look at how to assist the way you work currently but also consider how you may work in the future and find a system to compliment your plans.

File sharing and collaboration system

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Cloud File Sync

Cloud sharing services can offer some great features and allow team members to share files between each other even when they are sat on opposite sides of the world. Their ease of maintenance, flexibility and lower initial costs can also bring big benefits to small businesses. Harry has experienced partnerships with some of the biggest names, like Dropbox and Googles G Suite, to securely configure the best service and features for you.

Cloud File Sharing

Local File Servers

File Servers

Cloud file services are not ideal for every business. Companies with very slow Internet connections or very large data sizes can have performance problems. Harry will talk to you about your current situation and plans for the future to discover whether a local option is best for you. Should avoiding the cloud suit your business then Harry has a wide experience in migrating companies to intelligent NAS boxes, Windows Server, or utlising built in Windows File Sharing.