Microsoft Server opens up a whole new world of features to Microsoft Windows computers. As a company begins to grow Microsoft Server can allow many computers to collaborate together and be controlled all from a single location. With that said servers are most definitely not for every business and if installed incorrectly can be a giant waste of money or liability to your business. Harry will help you to find whether a server is right for your business and then professionally install it onto your network should it fit your requirements.

Microsoft Windows Server installation

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Active Directory

Active Directory is an easy way to control access to files and utilities around your office network. If used correctly it can be a very strong tool that can assist you in having a very secure easy to manage IT system. However with great power comes great responsibility and Active Directory certainly comes with that. Harry can make sure the array of settings on your server is configured and maintained properly so you can utilise the benefits without discovering the drawbacks.

Small Business Access Directory List

Group Policy

Group Policy Document

Group Policy can be a fantastic powerful tools that allows you to manage the configuration of multiple machines quickly and easily from one place. It makes it much easier to manage the security or day to day maintenance of your IT systems from a single location. However, just like Active Directory, it can be just as dangerous as it is useful if not configured properly. Harry can work with you to configure your Group Policies to your exact needs while ensuring everything is kept secure and reliable.